Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When I stopped by that pet shop three years ago, I had NO IDEA I would fall madly in love with a little Japanese Chin puppy who was only about five to eight lbs and four months old... I was already owned by a coupla persian cats and plus, I am a clean freak. But..... every time I went to the French bakery in my 'hood I stopped by that puppy store next door, just to say hello to my new found friend, very soon to be my new best friend, no lie.

The shop owner, Sunny, insisted she would bring this puppy over to my house just "to see" if he could handle my persians ( and if they would tolerate him)....

I was playing the Tibetan Refugee Benefit Album MANTRA MIX for the Dalai Lama on my simulated antique record player/cd player, and this puppy was into it... he cocked his head from right to left, listening to the Dalai chanting his blessing to humanity.

Sunny loved it and said I had to call the doggie Dalai for the Dalai Lama. And then Lucky Dragon, because he is. He is the muse for my blog WWW.DELICIOUSDALAI.BLOGSPOT.COM dedicated to everything delicious in music, art, food, fragrances, nature, gardening, sartorial splendor hmmmmm, fashion and beauty, the list could go on and on.

I also will include my friends who have lovely inspiring products and services on this blog. I hope it will be informative and enlightening, fun and uplifting for whoever takes a moment.Suggestions are welcome.

Many blessings. NAMASTE!