Saturday, October 24, 2009

"DOLCE FAR NIENTE" Photo by: Cherie Bender

~ Marilyn In Her Pucci ~ Oil painting by Cherie Bender

Dolce far niente.... the sweetness of doing nothing......

As two points in space and time are both separate and not separate, so also the ideas of freedom and of stability can be both separate and not separate: therefore, we CAN have our cake and eat it too!

Einstein's (dare I mention?) theory, according to Fred Alan Wolf, the author of Taking The Quantum Leap "when points are connected by signals traveling at speeds slower than the speed of light, the points are separate. When they reach the speed of light, signals begin to lose meaning. In fact, Einstein's theory predicts that neither space nor time "appears" for a particle of light. This counter-intuitive conclusion comes directly from Einstein's special theory of relativity. It is due to the observed fact that the speed of light is a constant. Any observer watching light as it moves from a source to a receiver would measure the light's speed to be the same This is true even if the observer is moving relative to the source and/or receiver, and no matter how fast the observer travels.

Therefore.. "if the speed of light is in fact fixed, the measures of space and time we normally think of as fixed are not. Space and time are relative. This means that any given interval of time, no matter how set and "frozen" it reasonably appears, can be observed to be longer or shorter in time by another observer." ....

..."The universe is not just a collection of separate points. It is what it is according to the observer and what he or she does. By identifying with the "quantum wholeness" of the world, the observer 'becomes' the observed. He is what he sees"....

As Schroedinger wrote in his 1925 essay "my View of the World" before he created his equation: " This life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of this entire existence, but is in a certain sense the 'whole'; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance. This, as we know, is what the Brahmins express in that sacred, mystic formula which is yet really so simple and so clear: TAT TVAM ASI, THIS IS YOU. Or, again, in such words as "I am in the East and in the West. I am Below and Above, I AM THIS WHOLE WORLD."

This is called quantum solipsism by Fred Alan Wolf. The self is the only thing that can be known and verified. Nothing else is for sure. Everything depends on you. You create the whole universe; you are the "you-universe". How do we manage to do this? We use our minds.

The Observer as Observed, the beginning and the end. This is how it all started and will end ...... in a beautiful moment.... when we become ONE.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Delicious MAN thy beauty transcends....

How many times have I seen all the blogs, photos, videos, etc. about beautiful women and sexy things...... the objects of our desire......... and how often have I thought to myself, where are the beautiful men, the sexy things?

I decided in my early morning hours a few days ago, to do some beauty hunting of MAN and, delving into my photo files from Yosemite .... ahhh! what beauty and deliciousness. I felt a little sorry for my gal pals. that perhaps they had not experienced this bliss? I wanted to share.

Everyone running around naked, everyone taking pictures of everyone else. I was in a "Nude In The Landscape Workshop", literally. I was in love with the MAN, the mountains, the water-falls, and it was soooooooo delicious.

Unfortunately, though, I had my camera stolen from my cabin with all of my exposed black and white film. All six roles. Ouch! This image is one of about eight perfect slides I was lucky to save. The late immortal, great American photographer Ansel Adam's family also felt sorry for me, and let me stay in their house for a few days after the workshop.

Worth it, Huh?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When I stopped by that pet shop three years ago, I had NO IDEA I would fall madly in love with a little Japanese Chin puppy who was only about five to eight lbs and four months old... I was already owned by a coupla persian cats and plus, I am a clean freak. But..... every time I went to the French bakery in my 'hood I stopped by that puppy store next door, just to say hello to my new found friend, very soon to be my new best friend, no lie.

The shop owner, Sunny, insisted she would bring this puppy over to my house just "to see" if he could handle my persians ( and if they would tolerate him)....

I was playing the Tibetan Refugee Benefit Album MANTRA MIX for the Dalai Lama on my simulated antique record player/cd player, and this puppy was into it... he cocked his head from right to left, listening to the Dalai chanting his blessing to humanity.

Sunny loved it and said I had to call the doggie Dalai for the Dalai Lama. And then Lucky Dragon, because he is. He is the muse for my blog WWW.DELICIOUSDALAI.BLOGSPOT.COM dedicated to everything delicious in music, art, food, fragrances, nature, gardening, sartorial splendor hmmmmm, fashion and beauty, the list could go on and on.

I also will include my friends who have lovely inspiring products and services on this blog. I hope it will be informative and enlightening, fun and uplifting for whoever takes a moment.Suggestions are welcome.

Many blessings. NAMASTE!