Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Delicious MAN thy beauty transcends....

How many times have I seen all the blogs, photos, videos, etc. about beautiful women and sexy things...... the objects of our desire......... and how often have I thought to myself, where are the beautiful men, the sexy things?

I decided in my early morning hours a few days ago, to do some beauty hunting of MAN and, delving into my photo files from Yosemite .... ahhh! what beauty and deliciousness. I felt a little sorry for my gal pals. that perhaps they had not experienced this bliss? I wanted to share.

Everyone running around naked, everyone taking pictures of everyone else. I was in a "Nude In The Landscape Workshop", literally. I was in love with the MAN, the mountains, the water-falls, and it was soooooooo delicious.

Unfortunately, though, I had my camera stolen from my cabin with all of my exposed black and white film. All six roles. Ouch! This image is one of about eight perfect slides I was lucky to save. The late immortal, great American photographer Ansel Adam's family also felt sorry for me, and let me stay in their house for a few days after the workshop.

Worth it, Huh?

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